Walking the Eastern Hadrianic Way Ravenglass to Ambleside

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Walking the Eastern Hadrianic Way is a true adventure in Archaeology. There is no better way of seeing some fantastic parts of Cumbria than getting the boots on and heading for the hills. The Roman road through Hardknott and Wrynose passes is only a small part of a very big story. This is a truly challenging archaeological walk, which offers the opportunity for the walker to discover something genuinely new for themselves, taking part in the discovery rather than being a passive observer is at the heart of this guide. “Getting people involved is the key; anyone can discover the past, it just takes a bit of looking for. Give a few key pointers and away people go – I just hope they let me know what they find. Confound me with your observations and help change history – we have so much more to learn about our past and this route, though apparently obvious in places is still a true mystery. “Providing theoretical archaeology that the general public can experiment with themselves is something archaeologists should do more often. We certainly do not have all the answers”. Clifford Jones, is acknowledged as being at the forefront of practical research into the Western Hadrianic Frontier. An exponent of community archaeology and its benefits to regeneration and tourism potentials; an active commercial member of Cumbria Tourism; Council member of British Archaeology (North) and a supporter of Real Ale in real pubs. His work includes “Hadrian’s Coastal Route – Ravenglass to Bowness on Solway“ and the new “Walks from series” archaeological walks from pubs along the West Cumbrian coast railway. It’s your archaeology - be part of it!

ISBN 978-0-9562229-0-9

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